Photographer, Crone, witch, artist, cook, fat activist, writer, and lady of leisure with a garden.

I am a retired university library employee who lives in the wilds of North Idaho with my hubby and 2 spoiled rotten kitties. I am a fantastic cook who enjoys good movies, the great outdoors, and creating. I have been a fat/size activist for a number of years now, ever since I got off the diet roller coaster and found that you don’t have to be a size 2 to have a wonderful life. …

My brain insists I am 20, my almost 60-year-old body begs to differ

Me, when I was young and immortal in high school in 1976 (old family photo of author)

The hubby and I spent last Saturday at the local gun range, taking a course. Half the course was inside sitting down and the other half was out on the firing line. The heat was not terribly nice, though it was tolerable when we got a bit of a breeze.

I knew what the weather would be like (the mid to high 80s) and planned accordingly. We needed to bring lunch and snacks, so I cut up a couple of types of cheeses, meats, and dill pickles. I had several boxes of gluten-free crackers and brought plenty of Powerade and…

photo by author

Open Letter

Simone Biles is NOT your property!

It may come as surprise to certain segments of the population (whinging, snowflake white males. I’m looking at you Charlie Kirk!), but athletes, especially African American athletes are NOT YOUR FUKCING PROPERTY!!!

Just because someone decides to be an athlete, it doesn’t mean they are obligated to anybody. It is because it is something they want to do. Yes, it is great if they are at the top of their sport and bring in the trophies and medals if they are participating on teams, even I find myself cheering and I am not a big sports follower.

But in the…

Tiny Epilobium Brachycarpum flower (photo by author)

Otherwise known as Tall Annual Willowherb

At least I am about 90% sure this is my mystery plant. It has started flowering and every resource I’ve looked at seems to say this is it.

So, that is what I am going with for an ID.

It belongs in the Evening Primrose (Onagraceae) family, so early guesses by some folk that it was primrose were pointed in the right direction.

My yard (photo by author)


Turn them into garden containers

Now that I am retired, I am working on ramping up my garden. I live in a mobile home park, so a traditional garden is out. Not to mention both knees are shot, I have arthritis, my lungs never went back to pre-pneumonia levels and I can’t stand or bend without saying things that my next-door neighbor would prefer her 3 little girls not learn.

So I garden using containers and raised beds. Having raised beds and containers means I can sit using my rollator or my little garden rolly.

I just read Robin James’ article on repurposing fire pits…

Dispatches from the little retirement homestead in a mobile home park

I have a friend who needed to reduce the number of art supplies she had, so, needless to say, I jumped at the chance to get my hands on as many jewelry findings and supplies as I could fight another friend over who was also interested in some of it.

My bed of mystery plants with yarrow (photo by author)


My mystery plant

I have a plant in my wildflower bed I have no clue as to what it is. It may be something I planted, but most likely it is a volunteer.


A quick and easy dinner on a busy night

photo by author

For a quick and easy dinner, I came up with this recipe after googling for recipes I could use that had chicken and chickpeas. Most recipes called for more ingredients than I had on hand, so I decided to just be inspired by them and came up with my own.

I started by heating some olive oil in the skillet on medium heat and then adding some sliced onions. I let them saute until they softened and then added a good heaping tablespoon of minced garlic. After the onions and garlic had a chance to cook for a while I…

photo by author


A little slice of Heaven on a plate

Summer is upon us and soon many of us will have an abundance of zucchini in the garden. I love to take my excess and shred it for various recipes. Mostly zucchini bread.

I found a recipe on one of my cooking lists that sounded yummy that had chocolate in it. What can be more perfect!

I changed the recipe slightly, instead of the 2 squares of melted unsweetened chocolate I used 3 HEAPING tablespoons of dutch processed cocoa. I also add more spices and add nutmeg. Nutmeg ALWAYS makes this bread tastier. …

Medium Stuff

I’ve come a long way since then

I’ve been on Medium for quite a while, finally signing up for membership in 2019. I mostly just read in the beginning, feeling my way around before really seriously starting to write.

In the early days, I’d hoped for curation. I read every article that popped up on how to write and how to earn money here. But to no avail. I quickly gave up on that idea as I eventually realized I just wasn’t what the Medium Curation Gods wanted.

So I settled in and just started writing even if no one saw what I wrote. Once a piece…

Jean Crawford Evans

Photographer, artist, cook, fat activist, writer, and lady of leisure with a garden.

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