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I’ve already experienced ICU once, I don’t want to do it ever again thank you very much!

With so many people refusing to take precautions, the new variants of Covid are spiking all over the place. Hospitals are running out of ICU beds and people are dying from preventable issues because there are no facilities that can take them until it is too late.

While I have had a few bouts of bronchitis as an adult, for the most part, I have never been really sick most of my life. Usually, when the crud made its way around the university, I very rarely got it or I was the last one in my office to get it.

Photographer, Crone, witch, artist, cook, fat activist, writer, and lady of leisure with a garden.

I am a retired university library employee who lives in the wilds of North Idaho with my hubby and 2 spoiled rotten kitties. I am a fantastic cook who enjoys good movies, the great outdoors, and creating. I have been a fat/size activist for a number of years now, ever since I got off the diet roller coaster and found that you don’t have to be a size 2 to have a wonderful life. …

Until I developed a little wee problem

Back in the late 80s, there were some commercials with an actress named June Allyson. I used to giggle about the subject and wondered how anyone could star in them, especially an actress like June.

Now I understand and I’m not laughing quite as much anymore.

If you aren’t into a discussion of bodily functions, you may want to check out an old post of mine:

Okay, onward to the discussion for those still here.

So, apparently, as you grow older, certain body parts lose effectiveness (by the way, it ain’t just women!). I had gotten used to the…

Middle aged fat woman in green tank top and purple shorts using a weight machine in a gym.
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Nothing is broken. Still sore, but not broken

So we’ve been hitting the gym on a regular basis, tho we’ve missed the odd morning here and there. We’ve dropped the pool, we just weren’t getting as much out of it as we would have liked. At least at the gym, we have no set time we HAVE to be there and no time limit.

Currently, we are alternating workouts, functional one day, weights the next. Works out that if we go in 3 days a week we may be doing weights twice in a week or functional twice in one week. …

Dispatches from the little homestead in the mobile home park.

Looking down on a large tomato that is weighting down the vine of a tomato planted in a milk crate
Mortgage Lifter tomato (Photo by author)

The hot weather seems to be over (knock on wood). We won’t pull the air conditioner from the living room window just yet. No sense in tempting the Universe by doing something silly.

But our overnight temps are dropping, we’ve almost had frost here in town. Friends out of town did get frost one night. Luckily not much damage to their gardens.

Speaking of gardens, my greenhouse is now underway. The base is down and next up will be the walls. We have a friend who is building it for…

CLose up of a wicker basket with a pair of shears and nine small tomatoes
1st harvest (photo by author)


Tasty sunshine

There is nothing like the taste of a tomato fresh off the vine on a warm summer's day.

Older fat woman wearing a burgandy tank top and blue shorts stepping up on an exercise step next to a red wheeled walker
Me at the gym with my faithful roller by my side. Photo courtesy of the author.

When six points of ground contact make getting through life easier

Carol Lennox wrote a story about getting a shiny new red walker and I commented that I have one I started blinging with nail polish. She responded that she was going to need pics. So here they are.

In 2019 I was flying out to Maine with my mom to clear out one of my late brother’s storage lockers from when he lived out there. The hubby and I had gone to Goodwill to see about finding a decent-sized backpack so I could pack everything I needed as carryon. No backpacks, but he spotted a red Invacare rollator for $27.

Brightly lit gym with weight equipment and machines.
photo by author


No, I’m not here to lose weight

As I rapidly approached 60 I have been finding some things harder to do. While I have become more active in some ways since I’ve retired, I am inactive in others.

With the recent seriously hot weather and poor air conditions thanks to the fires in the Pacific Northwest, I am not out in my garden and studio as much as I’d like to be and spend more time sitting at the computer.

At least when I was still working I had to get up and move quite a bit around the library which was nicely air-conditioned.

I’ve never had…


A good flavorful quick weeknight meal

I have a recipe I’ve been making since I was a Senior in Girl Scouts. We had an International Day and our troop picked Austria for our country. I found a recipe for Paprika Chicken that was quite yummy (of course it is, it has sour cream LOL!)

The original recipe calls for using a whole cut-up chicken you brown in a frying pan and then add the spices and liquid and let simmer until done. Then remove the chicken, add the thickened sour cream and then add the chicken back in. …

Jean Crawford Evans

Photographer, artist, cook, fat activist, writer, and lady of leisure with a garden.

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